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Post Code in United Kingdom

There are 121 different geographic post codes and each of the post code area is further divided into post towns and post code districts. These codes do not follow political boundaries and gives the accurate information and the exact location of the place.

There is a Royal mail website to find out for different post codes in United Kingdom. The postal codes are usually assigned to the different geographical areas and special codes are given to the government or commercial agencies. In English speaking countries, it is known by the name Post Code. There are different rules and format for the placement of post codes.

The postal codes in United Kingdom, for the efficient distribution, are specifically designed by the Royal Mail. The United Kingdom Post Code address is in one word. The address finder for the search of the place in United Kingdom can use the post code while the street name or the number is optional. The best part of mentioning the UK address is that there is no need of much information. The different symbols are used for the different locations and are denoted by single or two letters, which makes very easy in the searching of the place where it is exactly located.

Different Postcodes used in United Kingdom & London The general location of the place is located by the first letter or two letters which are as follows: • E: East • N: North • W: West • EC: East Central • WC: West Central • NW: North West • SW: South West • SE: South East

In London the points of compass are used in post codes which makes easy to know about the exact location of the building and there are two places in London which do not have points of compass postcode which are Sheffield (S) and Newcastle (NW).

The United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain is a sovereign state which is a common name of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. It is double the size of New York State and comprises of England, Scotland and Wales. It covers an area of around 93, 800 square miles and is the 80th largest sovereign state of the world and in Europe, it is 11th largest. It is also the most popular country.
It does not follows single law but has the three distinct system of laws comprises of English law, Scots law, Northern Ireland law. The important qualities and assets of this great country are as follows:

Capital: London Dialing code: +44 ISO code: GBR Currency: Pound sterling Prime minister: David Cameron Queen: Elizabeth II Internet TLD:.UK Chancellor: George Osborne

There are two places which are not in London actually, although these addresses are mentioned in London boroughs which are Twickenham (TW) and Bromley (BR). The various areas of London have the following post codes: • UB : Uxbridge • TW: Twickenham • TN: Tonbridge • RM: Romford • KT: Kingston • IG: IIford • HA: Harrow • EN: Enfield • DA: Dartford • CR: Croydon • BR: Bromley

Qualities & Assets of United Kingdom

It has also the membership of Commonwealth of Nations, G7 Finance Ministers, NATO, G7 Forum, G20 and World Trade Organization This country has a temperate climate with plenty of rainfall. The religion followed here is Christianity. The Flag of UK is also known as Union Jack or Union Flag. Various Countries of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of four countries as follows:

1. England : England is part of United Kingdom bordered with Scotland in north and Wales in west. It is also the birth place of great Shakespeare. It is also known as the “land of Angels” 2. Scotland : It is the northern most country of UK a land of mountains and also “home of golf” 3. Wales : It is the south-west part of UK, known for its mountainous national parks, coastlines, different languages etc 4. Northern Ireland It is the part of UK known for its Norman Castles, mountains and glacial valleys

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