Privacy Policy

This policy explains how collects the information and uses that information.

Personal Information

Whenever the visitors register on the website, their personal information such as email address, name, telephone number etc is collected to offer better service to the visitors in their next visits. Visitors can opt not to share their information but in that case they won't be able to access all the information which is only available after registering on the website. Other information like web browser, internet provider, type of device used to browse the website, etc is collected by

Web Cookies

Web Cookies help to serve the visitors better in their future visits to the website and to improve their browsing experience. Visitors can refuse or delete the web cookies any time they want.

Collected Data

Collected information is used to -
- Enhance visitors future experience on the website
- Display relevant ads by the ad partners
- Enhance the quality of the website in general

Personal Information Protection

The personal information of the visitors is kept confidential and is not shares with any third party. The information which is non personal is shared with some associates, partners or related members only.

Third Party Websites

Some of our associates or accomplices like advertisers, promoters and sponsors and other different third party website links, content, ads are also available on our site. We don't have any control on the third party websites links or content and don't take the responsibility of the quality and accuracy of the content. These third party websites may have different privacy policy, customer care and other policies which we have no control upon and we are not responsible for any issues between the visitors and the third party websites in case the visitors do any kind of transactions with the third party websites. Visitors have to go through the third party websites policies themselves.

Google Adsense

Some of the ads on our website are served by Google which uses DART cookies to offer relevant ads depending upon users browsing behavior and search pattern. Personal information of the visitors is not tracked by DART cookies and visitors can opt out of DART cookies by visiting

Changes to Privacy Policy

Proprietors of has the right to change the privacy policies at any time without any notice. It is visitors responsibility to check the privacy policies on regular basis to upgrade themselves. By using this site, visitors agree to be responsible to go through the privacy policy on regular intervals.

Your Acceptance

By using this website, you agree to accept the terms and policies of this website. If you continue using the website, it will be assumed a confirmation of the acceptance of the website policies from your end.

Contacting us

In case you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.